Well, G’day. After a couple years of head scratching, I’ve finally decided to give this blog thing a go. Please, bear with me as I stumble through!

A little about me; I’ve recently hit 30, am Married to the most beautiful woman I ever could have imagined to meet let alone spend the rest of my life with. She is a stunning girl originally from the Czech Republic and we met in a pub, in a little country town in England between London and Cambridge, where we were both living/working/studying. Life for an Elegant European Lady settling in Rural Australia has had a couple challenges but now that we have two beautiful little girls and 7 years of living here (homesickness still rears up every now and then), on a whole, we are a very happy little family.

I’ve pretty well done this as a little window into my work life on a watermelon and cattle farm on the Western Downs in Queensland. The motivation for this has been mainly derived from conversations I’ve had over the years with people from the large cities around Australia and the world.

To be honest, a lot of these conversations have been a little (or extremely) frustrating. The lack of knowledge and understanding so many people have of Modern Agriculture these days is borderline embarrassing. I’ve had people laugh in my face when I tell them my profession, ask if we use computers yet, Greenpeace activists in Circular Quay tell me Kangaroos will be extinct in 25years and the list goes on longer than my aging Employees yarns about his younger days.

So, I will try my hardest to give a ‘No Bullshit’ account on what it is I do and what goes into producing our beef cattle and what it takes to deliver our Watermelons into your nearest supermarket from our farm, with every step along the way. I just hope I can make it all a little interesting.


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